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1. my Book Taste Test Result.

/fashionista in publishing scene, "monsoon" book taste/
:Like The others do not know, unique, trandy book.
Dislike Insipid, copying, pretened knowing much, book.

I was too tired to translate this.
so i google translate it :D

Has the climate is almost no rain for about a month, there suddenly a tremendous amount of rain during the rainy season which lasts typically appear in South Asia. Mean atmospheric circulation to the word "Monsoon (Monsoon)" the original word, it means huge amounts of energy to move. Land to come up with the explosive energy generated in the tropics, changes to rainfall.

Capricious, hearty, and periodic. This aspect of the monsoon climate is sufficient to describe the taste of your book.

Heavy rains during the rainy season like giddy:
Many cases something badly after the rainy season, the last time while the dry season favorite fall like a ton of interest. Fashion might ride, but it tastes so unique and I live and energetic four-dimensional as it may.

Cool tolerance:
Pretentious or ugly or deformed book that does not have a great antipathy to the side. Something unique, passionate and sensitive to fashion content preferred. Sometimes, however, that (contrary to expectations, if contrary to the best-selling), others like.

Fashion of 'energy' cause:
Something new and always looking for something rare and unique side came first to introduce others to learn others 'jewelry' in the mud, does not look like a book first.
It is worth your taste, such as the publishing industry's pioneers, scouts, La Notice and the industry's best-selling messenger and the indwelling word of mouth to people like you.

A book to appeal to your tastes include the following:

One, think that they're in, I just followed the procedure. Referred to the procedure as literally. Opens the door. Father put. Was to close the door. Father put it in the fridge so I had succeeded. Were thought to be quite noisy that night was surprisingly quiet. You want to open the door or frozen father was reading. Meet the temperature, how? Good inside they are full of books, "he answered, called the other side of your mouth. I ask this is wrong.
Castella, Details

Reported, the original was not bad people. Failed to improve during interpersonal skills that just need to talk to you do not want to spit more than enough was trying that, but nobody likes them, no, but I was not the bad people. Say that the proper paperwork, it will not blow up the planet without you. Said. However, the paperwork is handled properly only when the end of the universe, if necessary several parallel universe far end to travel bogoya died.
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams


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